South London Korfball’s second team Balham hosted Supernova 4 – a tough rematch of the game that Balham lost 23-3 when playing away. Balham didn’t win, but it was an improvement.

Captain Graeme MacCallum chose to start in defence with Liam Clarke, Sophie Hackforth-Jones and Jennifer Ledsham. In attack, Hayden Mullin, Richard Smith-Utchotski, Nicole Williams and Vitoria Franceschini. Supernova quickly went into a 3-0 lead before Liam Clarke scored a long shot. Supernova’s strong defence put paid to Balham’s attacks and Supernova’s goals kept on coming. Supernova scored 5 more to make it 1-8 up until half time.

Hayden opened the second half with a drop off, but the supernovan onslaught continued with 5 more goals before Richard scored a mid-range shot. Another Novan 3 goals before Richard scored a runner. Liam and Vitoria got a couple of consolation goals before Nova scored a last goal. Final score 6-19.

Vitoria Ledsham won most valuable player.