South London Korfball is attracting more players and training sessions are starting to become full up.

We are looking for volunteers to come up with short and long term proposals to see if there are ways we can improve the club’s offering and meet the aims and objectives of the club to:

• To offer coaching and opportunities to play competitive korfball to its
• To promote korfball and the club within the local community;
• To ensure a duty of care to everyone in the club;
• To provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone.

The club is looking for proposals along the lines of:

  • Adapting how we send invites to PAYG members
  • Setting out how the club might expand to accommodate an additional team

If you’re interested in addressing these issues for the club, please get in touch with the club’s committee via We are looking for a couple of people to come up with proposals for the club’s committee to consider.