South London Korfball has not selected a first and second team squad (again) this season.

As a smaller club, all members train together and the club selects its teams based on ability and commitment to training and matches as set out in its selection policy link. We don’t select a first and second team squad as we think that players should be able to improve throughout the season and play for our highest team. The club has space for 24 members and any number of pay-as-you-go players. Teams are selected from members first and foremost with any additional spots filled by PAYG members.

Living and working in London can place demands on people’s time. The club recognises that players may not be able to make training or matches every now and then due to work or other commitments. We have designed the way we operate to accommodate this.

If you want to play korfball with a friendly and competitive club please get in touch at