Every year the IKF updates its rules for its international and top level games. 2020 is no exception, however some of these rules may be adapted for local competition.

For an update on changes to the rules see http://www.londonkorfball.com/documents/2020/09/the-rules-of-korfball-2020-changes.pdf/ the new rules can be be found at http://www.londonkorfball.com/documents/2020/09/the-rules-of-korfball-2020.pdf/

Key changes are

  • removal of the “punch the ball” rule – there has always been a dangerous play rule and it is envisioned that any punching of the ball that is dangerous would be an infringement
  • removal of the “take control of the ball on the floor” rule – as above, the dangerous play rule could be applied if reckless
  • removal of “no shooting without a personal opponent” – currently, if a team is short, one of the attacking players is designated as a non-shooter. At the top level, attackers without a personal opponent can shoot. It is likely that this rule will be re-introduced into local competitions
  • to be defended, the defender’s torso have to be closer to the post than the defender. Previously, defenders could be closer to the basket with just their feet.
  • double hindering rule has been removed – if a foul is committed on the pass to the free player then it will (still) be a penalty
  • throwing the ball against an opponent is now dangerous play