… you’ve got to turn around. And South London Korfball did that with a 17-6 win against a spirited Croydon 3 after some close games with no points.

Coach Piper changed the divisions from his phone shop. The Tom’s (captain Higton and Davies) started in first attack with Alice Howard and Izzy Yorke. In defence, Matt Norman and Edwin Huijberts paired up with Steph Wood and Sarah Morgan.

South London took first blood, with Izzy Yorke assisting a Higton runner before Tom Davies slotted home a drop off shot from a Higton assist. Croydon got one back with a distance shot before Edwin scored from close by with an assist from Matt Norman. Higton scored his second runner, this time assisted by Alice Howard, but Croydon got one back. Sarah Morgan scored a running in shot before the first subs of the game – Luke Broadberry coming on for Tom Davies and Kitman Wong for Alice Howard. Steph scored a runner and after the change of ends Croydon were awarded, and scored, a penalty formoving the post. Tom Higton got his first half hat trick to make it 3-7, before the whistle blew.

At half time, Tom Davies was brought on for Edwin and Sarah Morgan opened the second half scoring. Tom Davies then slotted home from Distance from a Matt Norman assist. Croydon got one back to make it 4-9. Kitman scored a distance shot from a Tom Higton assist. Despite the sterling efforts, Higton was subbed for Edwin. Sarah Morgan scored from mid range from a Matt Norman assist. Izzy Yorke made way for Alice Howard. Matt Norman scored from distance to make it 4-12, with Kitman adding her second. Higton came back on for Luke and promptly scored a running in shot to make it 4-14. Croydon scored a distance shot and Matt Norman made way for Luke. Tom Davies scored a distance shot to make it 5-15, shortly after which Edwin injured himself. The last sub of the game was used up with Matt Norman replacing the injured Edwin. Higton scored his 5th. Croydon got one more, and Tom Davies scored the last goal of the game to make it 6-17.