South London Korfball carried out its first training session under the EKA’s return to play guidance. Here’s a few things we learned.


Outdoor infra-red thermometers – you need some shelter to avoid the effects of a cross wind interfering with the reading.

On-line screening forms – having a link to a screening form that you send round for people to fill in works.

Lots of balls – We changed the balls between exercises, changing every 10 minutes or so.

Rubbish bag – good to have a rubbish bag to put all the used wipes in.

Line marking – we used a 2.5m length of chain and a can of line-marker to maker paint to make the circle (

Modified rules

There were some questions about whether we could go for interceptions when the defence got the ball.

We had a few goals disallowed as the attacking player in the exclusion zone hadn’t left before the shooter entered.