South London Mitcham took all the points (just) against a surprisingly strong Supernova 2 team to finish in the top half of the league. Not as high as we’d hoped, but definite signs of improvement.

Mitcham started with Matt Norman, Sam Wood, Flo Webb and Jess White in first attack and Nils Sundstrom, Edwin Huijberts, Sarah Broadberry and Frankie Neil in defence. Mitcham went two goals down from a penalty and mid-range shot, before Frankie – now in attack – scored a runner to get the greens off the mark. Supernova scored a drop off to make it 1-3 and lead to a switch of ends. Matt Norman and Sam Woods replied from around the post to bring the scores level. Supernova scored a long shot, and Edwin chipped in, again from around the post. Supernova scored a free pass and Sam Wood replied with a mid-range shot. Nicole put Mitcham’s noses in front, but Supernova equalised. Matt Norman got Mitcham back in the lead from underneath the post but Supernova equalised with a penalty. Edwin saved the day with the winning goal to make it 8-7 to the home side.

Mitcham goals from Edwin (2), Matt Norman (2), Sam Wood (2), Frankie Neil and Nicole Williams in an 8-7 win.