South London Korfball

South London Korfball was set up in the summer of 2017 as a re-brand of Mitcham Korfball Club. The aim of the re-brand is to broaden the appeal of korfball in South London in order to grow the club and increase participation.

The origins of Mitcham Korfball Club

The idea for Mitcham korfball club was effectively born on July 17th 1946 when two Dutch International sides met for a match in Mitcham. Watching that match were three members of the Anglo-Netherlands Sport Association and on 22nd July 1946 they formed Mitcham Korfball Club. For two years the club remained in it’s embryonic state. At this point sufficient junior members had shown interest in the club to allow it to enter two teams in the London League in September 1948

The club was moderately successful until the arrival of Rudi Muller from Wandsworth in 1950, when Mitcham started it’s long history of success. In 1952 Rudi left and John Crisp was appointed captain, a role he kept for the next 15 years. During this period Mitcham were five times cup champions and nine times League Champions.

Mitcham’s successes

Mitcham is one of the longest established korfball clubs in country and not surprisingly it has had a large share of success both in the national and international arena.

In British Korfball there are two major top honours, the EKA (formerly BKA) National League Premier Division and the EKA Cup. For teams winning the EKA national League Premier Division there is a place in the Europa Cup, where the league winners from all the European nations compete to find the best nation, and introduced in 2001, for the 2nd and 3rd placed teams, there is a Europa shield.

Here is a list of Mitcham’s achievements:


Europa Cup:
3rd place 2008, Lisbon – Portugal
8th place 2007, Antwerp – Belgium
4th place 2005, St. Etinenne – France
7th place 2002, Prague – Czech Republic
8th place 2001, Terrassa – Spain
4th place 2000, Papendrecht – The Netherlands
3rd Place 1999, Prague – Czech Republic
2nd Place 1998, Antwerp – Belgium
3rd Place 1996, London – Great Britain
4th Place 1967, Mitcham – Great Britain

Europa Shield:
5th Place – 2010, Szazhalombatta – Hungary
3rd Place – 2009, Terrassa – Catalonia
1st Place – 2005, London – Great Britain
3rd Place – 2004, Trebon – Czech Republic
5th Place – 2003, Germany

EKA/BKA National League Premier Division:
Champions: 2003/04, 2001/02, 2000/01, 1999/00, 1998/99, 1997/98, 1995/96, 1994/95, 1991/92, 1989/90, 1987/88, 1985/86, 1978/79, 1971/72, 1970/71, 1969/70, 1968/69, 1967/68, 1966/67
Runners up: 2004/05, 2002/03, 1996/97

BKA National League, Reserve Division:
2nd Team: Champions 2004/05, 2003/04, 2002/03, 2001/02, 2000/01, 1999/00, 1998/99

LKA/LDKA Premier Division:
3rd Team: Champions 2003/04

LKA/LDKA League Division 4:
4th Team: Champions 2002, 2001

LKA/LDKA League Division 5:
5th Team: Champions 2002, 2001

LKA/LDKA Under 19 League
Champions 2002

EKA/BKA U23 Championships
2005 – Runners up
2004 – Runners up
2003 – Champions
2002 – 3rd place

Current situation

After the 2011/12 season, and many years in the top flight, Mitcham KC have decided to withdraw from the National Korfball League and focus our attention on rebuilding and developing the club from grass roots level up. Our aim is to bring more new players into the sport, to develop the korfball skills of all-comers in a sociable and supportive environment, and to relive past successes in the near future.