South London Korfball’s first team – Mitcham – played Supernova 3 at home and just managed to take home all the points. The previous away game had been a draw, but a strong start and diligent defence kept Mitcham in it.

Steph Woods, Sarah Morgan, Tom Davies and Matt Norman started in first attack, with Capital Tom Higton, Sarah Broadberry, Izzy Watterson and Edwin Huijberts in first defence. Mitcham quickly got a a 2 goal lead with distance shots from Steph Wood. Supernova got one back, but Tom Higton converted a penalty to take the score to 3-1. Mitcham then moved to a 6-1 lead with goals from Steph Wood, Matt Norman and Edwin Huijberts. Supernova got two back, but Mitcham responded with goals from Matt Norman and Tom Higton to make it 8-3. Supernova got one back before half time to leave it 8-4.

In the second half, Supernova upped their defensive game. Mitcham took first blood through Matt Norman to make it 9-4, and Supernova got two back before Izzy Watterson scored a mid-range shot following a defensive mix up. Supernova scored three more to get within 1, but in the last minutes of the game Tom Davies beat his player to score a running in shot leaving the final score 11-9.