South London Korfball returned to play for week two. The sun shone, people ran around. It was great.

Having piloted return to play korfball for a couple of weeks we’ll be running regular training every week. A few things:

Numbers: we can accommodate 24 people at training per week given the equipment we can currently move around. We may be able to accommodate 30 people in the future.

Membership: the club is paid for by its members. Going forwards we have costs. We have two types of membership. Full members pay a subscription – a one off charge. Pay-as-you-go members pay when they attend. We have full membership for 24 people. There are unlimited pay-as-you-go spots. Members get to book onto training a few days earlier than pay-as-you-go. The cost per session is less for full members. To become a member, simply sign up to the “membership” event on Spond. You can decline the invite you’ll be down as a PAYG member.

Costs: The cost of membership will likely depend on the cost of hiring a pitch. What we will likely do is charge £100 for membership, but the number of sessions that this will last for will depend on the cost of the venue that we hire.

What do you get for membership: membership covers insurance, the provision of equipment and coaching.