SoloKorf made their way to North London on a day when overland trains to Dalston’s two stations were in short supply. No points were forthcoming and Highbury 2 were worth the win.

SoloKorf started with Captain James McNaughton making a rare start in attack, joined by Giannis Sarrigiannis, Jess White and Izzy Watterson. Down the other end, Tom Higton, Chris Rennison, Froeks Kamminga and Alice Howard started in defence.

SoloKorf’s first two attacks started well, with multiple shot attacks. Highbury scored on their second attack, SoloKorf won a penalty in their third attack – but missed it. Highbury went 2-0 up and got another 2 before Giannis Sarrigiannis got one back. Half time couldn’t come soon enough as SoloKorf went 7-1 down.

The second half started better. SoloKorf were attacking better, but Highbury continued their scoring. After going down 9-1, Tom Higton found the basket twice in quick succession to take the scores to 9-3. SoloKorf made a number of chances, but couldn’t sink them, while Highbury found theirs. Froeks scored to take the scores to 12-4 and Jess and Tom got numbers 5 and 6 as consolations. Highbury were awarded a last minute penalty as a result of double defending to take the final scores to 18-6.

A disappointing outcome, but Sophie Hackforth-Jones got her league debut and performed admirably.