A Christmas and New Year rusty Solo Mitcham made their way to the earth’s end of Epsom to play Nomads 3.

Captain Tom Higton started in first defence with Sarah Broadberry, Izzy Yorke and Matt Norman. In first attack, Tom Davies was joined by Sarah Morgan, Izzy Watterson and Luke Broadberry.

No training for two weeks and an early start didn’t help us. South London made chances, but the ball wouldn’t drop. Nomads experience came to the fore as they took a 9-0 lead before substitute Liam Clarke scored a distance shot. The team went into half time 11-1 down and discussions quickly turned to what needed to change and what we needed to do more of.

The second half could only be an improvement. Tom Davies and Matt Norman got on the score board to make it 16-3. Tom Higton managed to score two in the last few minutes following confusion in Nomads defence. It took the edge off a large loss.